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Are you looking for something that will bring out the beauty and authenticity of your victorian home decor?
What about a pair of quality, handmade, victorian lampshades?

Each lampshade is designed with the care and attention to every detail involved to ensure the highest level of beauty and quality. These lamp shades are promised to be one of a kind, never do I remake the same style. At most, I will create a pair of them, if requested of the person ordering the shade.

Wonder what makes my shades so unique?

Well it all starts with the fact that I look specifically for unusual fabrics and trims. I also buy vintage tablecloths, place mats, curtains and such to use in my shades (the ones that have damage to them). I like to use brocades, silks, satin, lace, appliques, beaded and otherwise a lot of bridal type fabrics and trims.

My Shades and What You Should Know About Them!

I use a fire retardant spray on all fabrics used to protect against someone using too large a bulb. I recommend no larger than a 40 watt bulb on the smaller shades and no larger than a 60 watt on larger shades. I test all product with a 100 watt bulb when finished just to be sure.

Check back often as new styles will be added to the collection regularly.
Please feel free to email me with your special request. I do accept custom orders as well.